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Duplicate Items,Misingo and Pokemon Over Lv 100

First go to Viridian Forest talk to the man with the Weedle and watch him catch a Weedle put an item you could have more than one of on the sixth item on your list fly to CinnabarIsland surth half land half water for a while you'll find Pokemon over level 100 or a Misingo or an M'Æ'M run away from an M'Æ'M or Misingo and you'll have 123 of the sixth item on your list than go later to catch pokemon over level 100 but if you catch Misingo or M'Æ'M your graphics might mess up to get them back release M'Æ'M or Misingo.

Clone Pokemon

First go to trade one person has to have a good Pokemon one has to have the bad Pokemon they trade the good for bad the person with the good Pokemon turns his game off at waiting the person with the bad one turns it off at trade completed than both turn the game on they will both have the good one and the bad one is lost in the middle of no wear!

Stand on a Tree

To stand on a tree cut a tree stand where it was turn the game off and on you'll be on a tree [this code isn't useful but it's Fun!]